Rise Above

I will always rise above anything that comes my way. I will never fall and stay down. Yes I’m strong and the strong become weak at times but it only makes us stronger when we rise up again! We all have a story to tell and some of us have more to tell then others but that doesn’t mean your story is worse then mine or Visa versa. Your story might have impacted your life in ways that might have impacted mine differently, no one is the same. Everyone deals with things differently and sometimes they end up doing the wrong thing when things happen to them in life. Today we have a lot more things to go too for help as well as a lot more knowledge of stuff but it doesn’t mean that it will help. It’s up to you to go to those thing’s, reach out, or figure out what it is that will help you over come the demons that haunt you and bring you down to the point that you feel your life is pointless or you don’t want to succeed. I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do and that’s speak out in the hope’s it will help others. I’ve wanted to do this since I was young but I was scared because of what my family would say, now I don’t care because it’s not about them, it’s about me and that one person I may help. Sometimes helping other’s, help you more then you know. When I came out about my grandfather abusing me, no one knew because back then it wasn’t really talked about and people really didn’t “know” much about it so if anything was said; A. You weren’t believed B. You were lying trying to get someone in trouble because you were upset about something or C. Someone actually did believe you and something was done. I finally told a counselor at school and they had to call the appropriate people to question me but before they got to me, my mom and grandma got to me first. They said if I say anything that it would kill my abuela and I couldn’t handle that, she was my world. My mom also said how could this happen with her there at all time’s and I have to be mistaking. So I lied like they asked me too so charges wouldn’t be brought and never stayed the night over there again but that only made it worse on me because I started thinking I made things up in my head. Along with that my dad was in and out of my life cause issues on top of it so my mind was all over the place. I was angry, sad, hateful, happy, and just felt like my emotions were everywhere. I would get so mad I wouldn’t remember why or what happened. Until today when I finally found a Dr. who listened to me and put me on the right combination of medication and me just coming out to all of you who have had some kind of trauma in your life, letting you know you’re not alone! It could be from trauma or just genetics its doesn’t matter there is always that one person who is out here willing to listen and understand what you’re going through. 💞

#imafighter #survivor #helpingothers #Freeingmyvoice #mentalillnessisnojoke #ragebabie


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