Keep Going!

Yes I still smile, laugh, joke, as well as cry, fight, get angry and confused. Although we know things are wrong we tend to repeat what we are use to because that’s what we know. For example, you find an amazing guy/girl but yet you can ruin it because that’s not what you’re use to. You’re use to the monster who cuts you down or makes you believe stuff that’s not true. We as humans need to realize our own worth and love ourselves! I’ve learned that no one will take my smile away from me again or make me believe I’m nothing because the truth is, even with all my flaws I’m amazing. I never was the type to let other’s ruin my day because of how they felt about me or said. I’ve only let boys (yes boy’s because men know how to treat their lady) who I’ve been involved with make me feel less then what I’m worth. No one deserves to feel less then they are and no one has the right’s to make someone feel that way! If you’re with someone who makes you feel that way stand up for yourself because you are amazing and you don’t deserve to be treated as if you’re nothing. To someone else you will be their everything and that’s what you deserve! You learn how to keep going and fighting once you learn how to love yourself as well as respect yourself! It’s not easy to do when you have been abused for along time, have mental illness, or believe you are nothing but it can be done. If I can do it as well as other so can you.Β 
#imafighter #survivor #fightforwhatyouwant #Believe #Freeingmyvoice #helpingothers #ragebabie #LettinggoΒ 

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