Letting go isn’t something that happens over night. A lot of us have to let go slowly, speak out, forget, write songs, or blog about it letting the world know, so others know they aren’t alone. People are always telling others that they need to let go as if there’s a switch to push and it will all just go away. It takes time, will power, strength, and support.
I found my strength in someone who supports me in ways they don’t know. With that being said I’m not saying that they give me all the strength I need to speak out about what happen to myself. Letting someone else know that they aren’t alone makes it easier to open up, speak out, ask for help or whatever they want to do to let it out, so they can move on in life and if letting others know what I’ve been through helps them let it out then that gives me more strength to do what I’m doing.
I’ve held so much in for years and when I tell someone about it, their shocked because they don’t know what to say or how to act. Don’t act differently and just be there for them. Let them vent, scream, cry, ramble or sit in silence with you just holding them letting them know you are there for them. When I tell my story I don’t want anyone feeling bad for me because it’s made me who I am today. I’m a strong independent woman who knows now that if I made it out of all that bullshit, I can make it through anything I set my mind to and fight for! I like to win and this is me winning and all my demons losing!
#imafighter #survivor #belive #Freeingmyvoice #imawinner #ragebabie


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