Prince who?

As a child we watch all these fairytale movie’s and as we grow up we hope to have a fairytale life. What I’ve learned, is that fairytales arent true and that the original version of those fairytales are more towards life’s truth then the ones our mom’s and dad’ let us watch. They don’t tell you that prince charming can be a rapist, abusive, controlling, and much more. This can go both ways as I’ve see it happen.

The world is an ugly place and it’s up to us how we fight it.. My dream was to get married to who I thought, was the love of my life, all for him to beat my ass over and over again. When I finally got away, I realized that it wasn’t love. The only part about that is history repeats itself…. 

Once again I’m throwing myself at a guy because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do. I didnt give myself a chance to heal, I just went on to the next and in between that 9 1/2 year relationship, I found myself going back to the devil. Why would I go back to the person who hurt me so bad? It’s what I knew, it was comfort, and it was bad choices. I finally got away and it was only because he had to leave the state of FL. I strongly believe that if he would have a stayed things would have turned out really bad. 2009 after being with the guy I was with during the cheating we broke up after I tried to commit suicide and if he hadn’t come home, I wouldnt be telling my story right now. My mom saved my life….

During that time I moved in with my mom and things were going great. I was going to collage and doing me for once. It felt amazing and free. 2010 my life completely turned upside down and inside out…. 

With that being said I need to stop here….. #speaking #up #isnt #easie #mommarapper #helpes #freeingmyvoice 



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