Anxiety at the finest…

One minute I’m having the best conversation with myself and the next it’s not so good. What happen in such a short time? What changed? Why? That’s right, I convinced myself this and that, but why? I thought I was happy. I thought I was getting better. I was laughing, going out, having fun but in reality in the back of my mind this nasty illness is there holding me back from so much still. I start believing things that are probably not true and then bam hello anxiety! Time to stay in, smile gone, chest hurts, mind is going a mile a minute, and all you want to do is make it all stop…..

The other me says just be a bitch but the real me wants love, friends, happiness, a life! So what do I do? I get help! Does it work all the time? No! I’m always having fights in my head and fighting for air.. It sucks because if I had somewhat of a normal childhood/life then maybe, just maybe I would have one less demon I’m arguing with, in my head. #anxiety #ragebabie #fightingwithmyself #convertioninmyhead #fighter


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