Where it all began…

Her innocence was stolen at a young age causing her to become someone else. She had no idea that she created a helper as she called it when she became older. She always thought that there was something wrong with her but in reality it wasn’t her, it was the monster hurting her.

In her mind she would play out all these different ways of getting help but he always knew how to stop her. He would say things like, You better not say anything it’s our secret and no one would believe you. I was only 5 years old so I believed him. As I got older it became normal to me. I know some of you are probably reading that part trying to figure out how the fuck can that be normal? Well… when you are there almost every weekend, spend two weeks at the beach during the summer and one week at the beach in September there’s your answer.

As I got older I did tell my mom but she didnt believe me. She told me that I miss understood things. I couldnt tell my dad because I was dealing with daddy issues at the same time.. Lucky me….. #mommarapper #RageBabie #Lettinggo #Freeingmyvoice

To be continued……


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